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Safety Is No Coincidence: A Historical View of Functional Safety

It’s no secret. Accidents involving chemicals and mechanical and electrical processes pose a threat to humans and the environment. And throughout the years, there have been a number of incidents – often having a degenerative impact on safety at first – that have helped shaped the industry as we know it today.

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Safety Lifecycle Management: How Plant Operators Can Secure Their Future

To remain efficient, every plant operator is faced with guaranteeing a consistently smooth operation. And as plants are regularly modernized and expanded, keeping up with the task of ensuring all-round safety is a considerable feat. This article highlights the challenge of maintaining and upgrading safety equipment in a critical environment.

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Chinese Industrial Safety: The End of the Great Fall?

Further accidents in industrial sectors highlight a need for China to reconsider its safety strategy. A particularly severe incident took place in Jiangsu – during which 78 were killed and a further 640 hospitalized – after a factory blaze.

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The Seal of Safety: Understanding SILs

If your operation involves the use of safety-critical systems, you will have come across the term “safety integrity levels,” or SILs. But what exactly are they? Why do they exist? And how do they support functional safety? This article answers some FAQs and helps you to understand what SILs mean for your organization.

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Remote Working: TÜV Warns of the Dangers

Containing the spread of the coronavirus is a vital measure. To protect employees, companies around the world have sent home large numbers of staff to work remotely. Not only is this a huge test for families, it’s a risky move for companies, too. Because even at home there are security risks. Germany‘s TÜV strongly recommends a security check.

Smart Grid Cybersecurity: Can the Grid be Outsmarted?

Smart grids bring a wealth of benefits and can propel the energy industry into an era of reliable, efficient, and cleaner energy. On a wave of modernization, outdated electrical infrastructure is being revamped for the digital age. But could cybersecurity concerns slow down smart grid progress?