Changing Tracks: An Interview on the Future of Rail Safety

Rail transportation in the future will be dynamic, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly thanks to digital networks. But this interconnectivity also increases the number of hazards.

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Hazards in Oil and Gas: The Biggest Risks and How to Protect against Them

Natural disasters account for a record level of business losses, and cyberattacks threaten the safety of companies throughout the world. Here’s a rundown of the top five risks to businesses in the oil and gas industry and what plant operators can do to protect against them.

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Around the World with COTS – Part 2

In the first article of this two-part series, we began a journey around the world to uncover some of the most successful examples of COTS safety systems. Now we go a little further afield and take a look at some other interesting applications for COTS technology.

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Around the World with COTS – Part 1

Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions are not a one-off phenomenon. Many companies are already demonstrating the diversity of COTS applications and experiencing the full range of benefits. The versatile technology is revealing its enormous potential around the globe – from France to Australia. Join us on the first part of our world tour.

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An Engineer’s Story: Tackling Safety at Ichthys Gas Field

Ensuring one of the world’s largest gas production facilities is continuously safe is a huge task. Defining a strategy, implementing it, and deploying the right safety applications is a megaproject. HIMA has been doing this at Ichthys gas field since 2009. What does it take to succeed at a project of this size? HIMA engineer Nalini Kanth provides insights based on his experiences on site.

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COTS Fact Check: Perception and Truth in the Rail Sector

COTS is now fully established in the rail safety market. Richard Ogilvie, Director of Rail Control Systems (RCS) Australia, recalls that things were very different just a few years ago. Today, his company can be seen as a pioneer in terms of COTS safety solutions, dispelling many misconceptions.