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Cybersecurity: Smart at Home, Smart at Work

Interconnected technologies benefit our everyday: at home, and at the workplace. However, the accompanying risks of the IoT, intelligent automation, and the overriding process of digitization are impossible to eradicate. Whether you operate a Smart Home or a Smart Factory – we draw from real-life cases to assist in fortifying your processes.

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The Curious Case of the Lighter: Do We Take Safety for Granted?

Did you know that 70% of US lighter imports do not conform to safety standards laid out by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)? This has sparked controversy amongst retailers and consumers alike. We ask, “do we take safety for granted in certain areas?” And how about in fields where the greater health risks lie?

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The HART of SAFETY Data Intelligence

Field devices act as the eyes and ears of your organization. Most companies don’t utilize the data these devices collect to its full potential due to security reasons as well as the significant effort required for collecting and analyzing it. Now, however, a new concept is emerging. Safety data intelligence enables plant operators to securely turn field device data into key insights that accelerate digitization and simplify compliance. The concept is based on a widely used industry standard: the HART protocol.

Safety Insights

ISO 27001: Why a Culture of Security Is So Crucial

Careless handling of information, targeted sabotage, and hacking: For businesses, sensitive data poses a significant potential threat. If it falls into the wrong hands, the financial losses and damage to a company’s reputation can be huge. Yet many security breaches can be avoided when enterprises foster a culture of security that makes employees more conscious of the risks.

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AI in the Factory: Is the Process Industry Prepared?

Artificial intelligence is within our smartphones and is making its way into and more cars. It’s in the process of turning society and the economy on their heads. But what opportunities and limitations does AI present for the process industry? That’s exactly what Prof. Leon Urbas and his team are researching in the AI incubator project ‘KEEN’. Their goal is to build a relationship with AI through a better understanding of its use-cases.

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Risk Management: Managers Are Setting the Wrong Priorities

A global survey on risk management revealed a critical trend. Many decision makers are still not taking operational risks seriously enough – threatening the success of their companies. How are managers creating a false sense of security?