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ACHEMA: Safe Digitization Is a Priority for the Process Industry

Digitization is presenting the process industry with completely new considerations, including automated plant control and protecting against hackers. Companies are now urgently looking for ways to rise to the challenge. At ACHEMA 2018, digital trends and solutions were among the biggest attractions.

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Natural Gas Production: Will Australia Overtake Qatar?

Energy providers Shell and INPEX have been in a head-to-head race for many years now. Both have developed billion-dollar natural gas production facilities that will enter into operation at about the same time. But, a winner is emerging: Australia.

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How Do Meltdown and Spectre Affect Safety Systems?

Meltdown and Spectre are security vulnerabilities recently discovered in modern processors. These lapses mean data stored on millions of devices could be stolen by hackers. However, there are safety solutions that are not subject to this and action may not be required.

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The Top 5 Megatrends in the Rail Industry

Change is in the air – the rail industry’s global business environment has transformed considerably in recent years. Increasing internationalization and digitization call for standardized technologies, as well as rail products and applications that comply with the relevant standards. But decision makers still have other obstacles to overcome.

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Top Three Cyberattacks Threatening Industrial Plants in 2018

Industrial companies feel safe: In Germany, 62 percent believe that they are very well-protected, or at least well-protected, against internet threats. But the risk posed by cybercriminals is rising. Plant operators should brace themselves for these three types of attack.

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Attacks in the Digital Age: Industrial Cyberthreats

Close to 70 percent of German companies and institutes were targeted by hackers in 2016 and 2017 – and one in two attacks were successful. The trend is on the rise. Hackers are becoming ever more sophisticated, while systems are becoming more interconnected and therefore more vulnerable.