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2021: A Turning Point for Europe’s Railways?

Europe’s railways have not yet realized their full potential as an agent of decarbonization of transport and socially inclusive mobility because of low market share. However, recent adoption of digital and predictive technologies in areas like signaling, maintenance, and dispatch may be about to change all that. Could 2021 – the Year of European Rail – provide a vital turning point in the industry’s story?

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Basic Safety Functions Explained: Level Crossings

Global rail networks are a key mode of transporting people and goods around the world. And since the first railways were built, level crossings have been areas of peril. In the next instalment of our educational blog series, we reveal how rail safety controllers are on track to bring in a new age of safety at level crossings.

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The Two Faces of Digitization in the Rail Industry – Part 1

From level crossings to signal boxes, and even autonomous trains, the potential for digitization in the rail sector is huge and already becoming a reality. This transformation presents new opportunities but also new challenges. How must the rail sector react?

Changing Tracks: An Interview on the Future of Rail Safety

Rail transportation in the future will be dynamic, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly thanks to digital networks. But this interconnectivity also increases the number of hazards.

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Around the World with COTS – Part 2

In the first article of this two-part series, we began a journey around the world to uncover some of the most successful examples of COTS safety systems. Now we go a little further afield and take a look at some other interesting applications for COTS technology.

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Around the World with COTS – Part 1

Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions are not a one-off phenomenon. Many companies are already demonstrating the diversity of COTS applications and experiencing the full range of benefits. The versatile technology is revealing its enormous potential around the globe – from France to Australia. Join us on the first part of our world tour.

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COTS Fact Check: Perception and Truth in the Rail Sector

COTS is now fully established in the rail safety market. Richard Ogilvie, Director of Rail Control Systems (RCS) Australia, recalls that things were very different just a few years ago. Today, his company can be seen as a pioneer in terms of COTS safety solutions, dispelling many misconceptions.