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Towards the Digital Oilfield

Long considered a laggard in embracing the digital revolution, the hydrocarbons sector looks set to transform itself as energy companies scramble to make themselves ‘fit-for-fifty,’ that is still profitable at an oil price of merely 50 dollars per barrel.

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Automation of Proof Testing

With modern safety systems and the "digitization" of field device information, test sequences can now be largely automated. In practice, this means considerable simplification and potential savings.

Benefits of Process Simulation: Smart Safety, Simulated

No two industrial plants are the same. The same can be said for plant safety chains that constantly mitigate risk and keep valuable assets protected. It’s often difficult to get an oversight on system performance. Read how dynamic simulation and visualization tools can ensure systems keep the gap on safety closed.

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Safe, Secure, Digital: The Evolution of TÜV

In the course of digitization, TÜV has not only further developed all applicable standards – it has developed itself. And now, it is proving its resilience against the effects of the coronavirus. How has the company managed to accomplish this – and what can the process industry learn from it?

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Pharma 4.0: How Technology Is Transforming an Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is undergoing rapid change. Digital advancements in areas like systems integration, track-and-trace technology, and deep learning are helping the industry optimize its supply chain, improve safety, and even develop new drugs.

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Mining 4.0: How Technology is Transforming an Industry

The dirt and heat of the mine have been exchanged for air-conditioned control rooms. Explosives once cautiously placed by human hands are now precisely positioned by automated robots. Even the mine trucks are now loaded by autonomous earthmovers, weighed by lasers, and driven to the surface autonomously on sustainable energy. So why did one of the world’s oldest industries feel the need to dramatically digitalize?

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COVID-19: A Catalyst for Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is nothing new, but the stakes are higher than ever before. The New York Stock Exchange has closed its famous trading floor, 5G-enabled diagnostic systems allow medical experts to conduct consultations remotely, and smaller businesses are moving online for the first time. Is it a case of “desperate times, desperate measures”? We explain.