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Safety Insights

Misconceptions regarding SIL

Misconceptions regarding SIL

Do these statements sound familiar? "Having SIL means I've achieved safety" "Having a certificate means I’ve complied with the SIL" "Having redundancy means I’m safer" "Install SIL and forget about it" "Having SIL means the plant is running"

Best Practices

Automation of Proof Testing

With modern safety systems and the "digitization" of field device information, test sequences can now be largely automated. In practice, this means considerable simplification and potential savings.

Benefits of Process Simulation: Smart Safety, Simulated

No two industrial plants are the same. The same can be said for plant safety chains that constantly mitigate risk and keep valuable assets protected. It’s often difficult to get an oversight on system performance. Read how dynamic simulation and visualization tools can ensure systems keep the gap on safety closed.

Hot Topics

Safe, Secure, Digital: The Evolution of TÜV

In the course of digitization, TÜV has not only further developed all applicable standards – it has developed itself. And now, it is proving its resilience against the effects of the coronavirus. How has the company managed to accomplish this – and what can the process industry learn from it?

Safety Insights

50 Years of Safety: A Hard-Wired Revival?

Nowadays, stakeholders in functional safety have the option to replace hard-wired systems with safety-tailored programmable logic controllers that connect with critical equipment across open networks. And while there are benefits for making this switch, it could be that hard-wired logic is still a fair choice – especially where a limited number of safety instrumented functions are deployed.

Five Safety Risks Facing the Rail Industry of Tomorrow

Rail transportation in the future will be dynamic, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly thanks to digital networks. But this interconnectivity also increases the number of hazards.