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Three Key Considerations: Modernizing Your Safety Instrumented System

As the pandemic slows and lockdown restrictions ease in Europe, industrial plant operators are strategizing a return to normality. Functional safety needs to be assured at all times; even as new hygiene-related safety measures are adhered to. Here are three considerations for ensuring an SIS is always up to the task.

Safety Insights

The Seal of Safety: Understanding SILs

If your operation involves the use of safety-critical systems, you will have come across the term “safety integrity levels,” or SILs. But what exactly are they? Why do they exist? And how do they support functional safety? This article answers some FAQs and helps you to understand what SILs mean for your organization.

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Chinese Industrial Safety: The End of the Great Fall?

Further accidents in industrial sectors highlight a need for China to reconsider its safety strategy. A particularly severe incident took place in Jiangsu – during which 78 were killed and a further 640 hospitalized – after a factory blaze.

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Safety Lifecycle Management: How Plant Operators Can Secure Their Future

To remain efficient, every plant operator is faced with guaranteeing a consistently smooth operation. And as plants are regularly modernized and expanded, keeping up with the task of ensuring all-round safety is a considerable feat. This article highlights the challenge of maintaining and upgrading safety equipment in a critical environment.

Chemical Plant Explosion: What’s the State of Industrial Safety in China?

Last week, 78 people were killed in an explosion at a pesticide plant in the city of Yancheng, Jiangsu province. It was one of the most serious industrial accidents in China in recent years. How do Chinese companies approach industrial safety – and what role does functional safety play?

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IEC 61511: What’s New in Edition 2?

One of the most important global standards for functional safety in the process industry has been updated. The second edition of IEC 61511 contains new safety regulations and requirements for plant operators. Here are some of the key updates you need to be aware of.

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Interview: What You Need to Know about IEC 61511 Edition 2

The revised version of standard IEC 61511 for functional safety presents plant operators, integrators, and service providers with a wide range of changes. Cause for concern? We asked standards expert Fred Stay for his view.