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Benefits of Process Simulation: Smart Safety, Simulated

No two industrial plants are the same. The same can be said for plant safety chains that constantly mitigate risk and keep valuable assets protected. It’s often difficult to get an oversight on system performance. Read how dynamic simulation and visualization tools can ensure systems keep the gap on safety closed.

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Safety Is No Coincidence: A Historical View of Functional Safety

It’s no secret. Accidents involving chemicals and mechanical and electrical processes pose a threat to humans and the environment. And throughout the years, there have been a number of incidents – often having a degenerative impact on safety at first – that have helped shaped the industry as we know it today.

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AI in the Factory: Is the Process Industry Prepared?

Artificial intelligence is within our smartphones and is making its way into and more cars. It’s in the process of turning society and the economy on their heads. But what opportunities and limitations does AI present for the process industry? That’s exactly what Prof. Leon Urbas and his team are researching in the AI incubator project ‘KEEN’. Their goal is to build a relationship with AI through a better understanding of its use-cases.

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Cybersecurity: Smart at Home, Smart at Work

Interconnected technologies benefit our everyday: at home, and at the workplace. However, the accompanying risks of the IoT, intelligent automation, and the overriding process of digitization are impossible to eradicate. Whether you operate a Smart Home or a Smart Factory – we draw from real-life cases to assist in fortifying your processes.

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Rise of the Cobots: Man and Machine, Hand in Hand

Robots are stronger, more enduring, and more precise than humans. However, machines lack the ability to moderate their power and solve problems independently. For this reason, more and more collaborative robots (cobots) are being deployed to work alongside humans in Industry 4.0. Special technologies and integrated safety functions are designed to ensure this works safely.